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We Police The Police In NOLA!

The Office of the Independent Police Monitor(OIPM) is an independent, civilian police oversight agency created in August of 2009. Our mission is to:

  • Improve police service to the community

  • Boost citizens trust in the NOPD

  • Better officer safety and working conditions

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Our Responsibilities


The independent police monitor shall receive complaints alleging misconduct by New Orleans Police Department personnel that he will refer to the New Orleans Police Department Office of Internal Investigations for investigation.

Investigatory Power

The New Orleans Police Department will advise the independent police monitor within seven days of receipt by the New Orleans Police Department of any complaint of misconduct, classified as a formal disciplinary investigation, disciplinary citation, informal disciplinary investigation, or information documentation.

Public Reports

The independent police monitor shall have the power to recommend that an internal investigation be reopened if he determines that the investigation was not thorough or fair. The reopening-of-case-recommendation provision only applies to the very limited instance where the statutory time limit permits. 

IPM In The News

Checkout our most accurate and update information on The Office of Independent Police Monitor.

IPM News

Below is detail list of the most recent stories as it relates to the New Orleans Police Department and how the IPM is making sure the entire community is safe for generations to come.

IPM Videos

The video footage that is retrieve from several sources which includes but not limited to news outlets, social media channels and other oversight agencies planning to band tgether.

IPM Radio Broadcast

IPM considered themselves to be the pioneers of the oversight for police agencies in New Orleans because their word of mouth concept through radio broadcast helps spread the word.

Reports That Show Results

We cover various areas of running full reports, The OIPM monitors NOPD so that New Orleanians can know as much as possible about the police department. We have many partners in the community and we need your help.

    Annual Reports

    An annual report is a document that public corporations must provide annually to shareholders that describes their operations and financial conditions.

    Subject Matter Reports

    Whatever is in dispute; the actual cause of the law suit; the issue about which a right or obligation has been asserted or denied.

    Monthly Ethics Review Board Hearing Reports

    To protect the safety and welfare of human research participants. These bodies are responsible for providing an independent evaluation of proposed research studies.

Reports Based On Our Level Of Expertise

We have structured our reports in such a way that it helps citizens with different levels of expertize on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert. We cover it all.

    Case Review Summaries

    A case study analysis requires you to investigate a business problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence.

    Complaint Investigation Reviews

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    Public Letters

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Our Responsibilities

The independent police monitor shall periodically review training sessions and schedules to identify best practices and any need for improvements to training curriculum or frequency.

Police Commendation

Compile data regarding commendations and shall identify officers, units, and precincts that have been commended by the public for doing exceptional work. 

Civilian Complainants

Civilian complainants may, upon request, receive such a status report from the independent police monitor.

Civil Claims And Lawsuits

Review patterns relating to civil claims and lawsuits alleging NOPD misconduct, payout amounts over time, units disproportionately represented as subjects of claims and lawsuits.

Public Accountability

Shall be required to hold at least one public outreach meeting in each council district of the city at least once every four months.

Let's Look At The Data Analysis!

Trusted By 1,000s of New Orleanians

Compared to 2016’s total of 850, this number of complaints represents a 14% decrease in the overall number of complaints filed. Of the allegations contained in those complaints, about 39% were filed by NOPD rank and 61% were filed by members of the public or by NOPD employees against fellow employees.

"New Orleans is much safer now since the cops now that they have an oversight agency watching their every mood. It great organization for our city"

"Corruption and greed have always been a huge problem in NOLA, I now have a peace of mind knowing that the police department have a big brother reviewing their work in the community"

"As a data scientist, I'm always looking for good a data source to add in my report. NOLAIPM.gov is the perfect tool for useful insight on law enforcement. Thanks for making my job easier.."

More About NOLA IPM

A Police Civilian Review Task Force recommended its implementation in 2002. In 2006, a coalition of community groups brought their concerns about the New Orleans Police Department to the New Orleans City Council. By 2008, the city council supported the Police Monitor’s Office in a resolution. In 2008, the Police Monitor’s Office, along with the Office of Inspector General, were voted into the city charter by over 70% of the New Orleans electorate.

On August 11, 2009, Neely Moody was named to be the first Independent Police Monitor for the New Orleans Police Department and Holly Wiseman was named Deputy Independent Police Monitor.

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We Police The Police In NOLA


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